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‘Drums of Hope’ goes deep into psychic nature of mystical journeysVarun Shah pens fairy tale with strong underpinnings of philosophical, spiritual literature


MUMBAI, India – Three years past, author Varun Shah was hit with the inspiration to write a fantastical tale of magical lands and psychic abilities. In the intervening years, he read, he traveled and studied storytelling, and the sum of those experiences finally allowed him to conjure up the story in “Drums of Hope” (published by Partridge India).

Going deep into the heart of the psychic nature of mystical journeys, the story of Burzen-garth tells of a magical land that makes its self known through the eternal struggle of the mind to cope with foreign bodies—the battle against disease. Across the land are strange beasts that, good or bad, are all symbolic of the psyche and the magical nature of how healing work’s on the body. As the story unfolds, strange ways are brought to light as the journey of the hero transforms into the work of destiny.

“Drums of Hope” is a little memento of the work of an ageless dream that Shah means to portray what humanity constantly searches for in philosophical, classical and spiritual literature. In presenting this story, Shah hopes to inspire his readers to come to a series of realizations that will allow them to creatively de-stabilize a bad or demonic perception of life. tale with strong underpinnings of philosophical, spiritual literature.

There’s some New Magic for you…

Chalis Chor, A song based on the folk tale Ali baba & 40 theives, Is worth listening to on CD baby.

There’s a link I”ll put up for you. Check it out. It’s pretty cheap, and a very interesting hear. It’s got all kinds of instruments going on with strange beats some of you would really enjoy. The hair at the back of my head stood up when I heard it.

This really some music that pleases the soul.

Thanks guys if you read this article & give me a feedback if you heard the song.

Here’s the link :

Three Cheers! Varun


Rags and rat holes.

Hairy verses and cotton reeves,

dissimilar from wicked thieves…

an outsider, far beyond

wording phases,

trickery unwound,
one word. . .

clock’s go whirring by

one look , it’s a cats eye

short and form its a woven kind,

cottage cheese from a devi’s mind.



Thrimble , thrumble one of nine’

Seven sandals is a mans mime’

One word spoken thrice

Man, you know I heard it twice’


Look! Scratch a monkeys night.

Aged man from far above ‘

Calling home though he knew none

Drum hum chuckle n chum

Whisper is a mans light.

Of you go, shush!!! quiet.



Noddy nod, quiet cod’

Simple chatter, slurring shire

Gup! Out we go

Croquet smells,

Konkony shells.