a beginner’s tune


tongs. magnets
& ding dong




the ancient present revolves around the now of human disorder i.e chaos.
an articulate imagery of the void
or in the present tense, the relation to reality one posseses.
Terrible is the situation in magad, far away from what you see.
it is only your relation to reality. Th
e oneness of being i.e god.

On the edge, the world of dreams. One thing, a hundred
on the verge, a nightmare screams . the end of eternity
a falasy, I suppose . or one thing to many, breathe the substance of your dreams.

the falasy is what you see, flaws in reality . bands of light,
a rainbow through the trees.one drop of system mechanics in a celestial dream
the mechanics of flaws. deep breathing is wrong , second glance and up you sang a song
etch your substance, the test of reality. one drop and you go free.umph! what glee,
your bones in mine ?

The blossoming arts of a humanitarian society. dreams & pleasentries,
Once i go up the tree,theres no finding me.
I write long poetry, unseen and unheard,
a reciprocal theme of love in ceremonies light.


                   Knowledge                                                                  man

                     A man, a parrot                                                 carrot

                          Sensible                                                     walkity

                             Onion                                                     rings

                                  Carrot                                            rich

                                       America                              corn

                                         treble                          sound






                Sound, cars and chemistry

                           Colour and tea,

                        The smell of  honey

                              Vibe biscuit


                                    Cet cat