MOI – rag yaman

Mime’s of India

Rag Yaman –

Ni Re Ga Ma Dha Ni Sa

Sa Ni Dha Pa M G Re Sa

Thaat: Kalian
Jati: Sampooran-Sampooran (7-7)
Vadi Suwar: Gandhar (Ga)
Samvadi Suwar: Nishad (Ni)
Vikrat Suwars: Ma Tivra (Fourth Sharp)
Verjit Suwars: None
Time: Evening 1st prahar


Ragmala Painting of Rag (Ragini) Yaman (Mushirabad 1765)

Is of persian origin, a subtle little bit is known of this rag except that it derives its name from the river Yamuna, a major tributary of the ganga that originates at Yamunotri.

It could also be said that the music travelled from east to west with the romany people’s that today inhabit Europe.

Rag Yaman is also credited to the great  13th century master, Amir Khushrow. He called himself Turke-E-Hind, indicating Turkish descent but his mother was Indian.



sree vision

Interstellar overdrive

A shard, a flowing flame

wickets in hand, keep the run rate

five overs, three for four

one over, you know the score

Lentils and rice,

Bowl one over thrice

Whats a shard by the way?

Earth as a mistake

A cockasian telephone

phone booth

six runs till the fore

throwing dice round a table

A wicket maiden

So here you go, three for four

One shard and lentils

Till it spells one more

one is to one, as far as this goes