The Orchards in Bloomington…

man on the moon

the day it dries in sweet solitude

Summer breeze and the midnight sky…

falling wind and hair dye,

a sublime combination,

of what may seem like nothing,

but dingling dnines.


Theory of sound


[Vowels and music }

a- would be Dha or the english letter A in musical notation

e- would be Ga or the english letter E in musical notation

From here own one would have to be sensitive to musical musings as the engish alphabet begins to take mystical shape

So we come to I

I would be ra , as ra is the symbol or light and we are beings that are manifested from light. I is a symbol of the ego which one must identify as god or the divine. as it it is the basis of all thought

O is Om or the all permiating sound. hence we give it the first seat which is C or Sa

u and Ma is F which is mystically inclined to our fertility as F representing the word “Fuck” commonly used in this day and age, and Ma is mother often abused for her fertility. It could also be called man which represents knowledge.