we sing rag’s woven through time – Chakradhara


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Strange sounds and a forest nightingale, in a blurry sunrise across the western shore of


Lights that light the sky are not rare yet she cries and sings like spire harp at that sight.

She is aged yet knowledge eludes her, as time is still and the waining moon is by her breast.

my sight eludes her, but I know that the cry brings a misery for none to tell.

A storm in a tea cup?


Lalitha Dhalwani and the sheep

Once upon a time in a lonely village lived a woman named lalitha,

she cooked her rice in earthen pots and made sand castles in black mud,

very old and very young she was a lady of many lands, that inhabited the village

as a ghost of the future…

A weird, dark pygmy who cared for none and blessed all.

lalitha dhalwani

On a blue moon day in this village on the planet neptune, she came across a hoard of sheep

led by a kokopelli character like the pied piper of hamlet, who carried on his shoulder a parrot

(unfortunately I dont have a picture of the parrot, because he flying like a maniac),

So, as she was cooking her rice by the lake where lives the giant bear bhagiri, these sheep trampled all over her pots and the rice fell and was strewn all over the place. She was cooking biryani and had all the ingredients ready

to beput into one giant vessel that would cook this wonderful meal.sitaram

She cried and cried, because of which the kokopelli character came upto her and said dont worry lady well bring all the food back like it had never fallen over. He was kind and played a tune on his flute that brought all the food back just the way it was. They ate together as there was ample for both and from that day lived together in the village as a married couple , singing through the joyful extravagances of this earthly life.

moral – the law of karma can be as brutal, forgiving and magical as our presence in our celestial adobes.