Rags and rat holes.

Hairy verses and cotton reeves,

dissimilar from wicked thieves…

an outsider, far beyond

wording phases,

trickery unwound,
one word. . .

clock’s go whirring by

one look , it’s a cats eye

short and form its a woven kind,

cottage cheese from a devi’s mind.



Thrimble , thrumble one of nine’

Seven sandals is a mans mime’

One word spoken thrice

Man, you know I heard it twice’


Look! Scratch a monkeys night.

Aged man from far above ‘

Calling home though he knew none

Drum hum chuckle n chum

Whisper is a mans light.

Of you go, shush!!! quiet.



Noddy nod, quiet cod’

Simple chatter, slurring shire

Gup! Out we go

Croquet smells,

Konkony shells.