Chalis Chor

IN here. I am posting a clip from the 40 minute long song based on the folk tale Ali Baba & the 40 thieves.

I would be delighted if you went ahead and heard the piece of Baroque art composed by me.

Kind Regards,




There’s some New Magic for you…

Chalis Chor, A song based on the folk tale Ali baba & 40 theives, Is worth listening to on CD baby.

There’s a link I”ll put up for you. Check it out. It’s pretty cheap, and a very interesting hear. It’s got all kinds of instruments going on with strange beats some of you would really enjoy. The hair at the back of my head stood up when I heard it.

This really some music that pleases the soul.

Thanks guys if you read this article & give me a feedback if you heard the song.

Here’s the link :

Three Cheers! Varun