Chalis Chor

IN here. I am posting a clip from the 40 minute long song based on the folk tale Ali Baba & the 40 thieves.

I would be delighted if you went ahead and heard the piece of Baroque art composed by me.

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तुलसी डगोरी

स्याम के आँचल के मुख,

बोले तस्वीर से दुख,

आखों मे लिए मुस्कान,

करे हम भागवत को नमस्कार,


सुन प्रभु खोट की नाई |

तब जाके लीक साई,

गोवर्धन नाथ वो कहलाई,

सूभ उठे तो  लिए अंगड़ाई |

The Tree Stamps…


On a Blue moon Sunday,
Dwarves laid their eggs by a tree

The eggs hatched and out came being’s

beings that were heavenly, like the trees….

God wove his magic in this realm. They called it synthesis or a blue moon sunrise. 



***This picture was taken from the speaking tree section in the TIMES OF INDIA, 13-10-2013

The fire of trees.

The Blue moon sunrise symbolizes eternal embodiment. It means sunshine through the waters.

that emulsifies with hues of blue and yellow to give us the color of nature, which be green.

Wether this be a shadow or reflections of it, I know not. But, what it really is, is synthesis .

Whenever trees burn God’s work is at play. He is burning the trees for a greater tomorrow for his people, as it signifies fertility and new offspring.

 New buds and newer trees, 

 of old one’s that have been.

A Shakuhachi melody


What you know is what you seek

Today or Tomorrow an unearthly piece it brings…

Sing now and you will see

LOve tales and honey dew in tears

A swan is hurt, A swan is hurt!

Tomorrow I greet this day

O! Sun from Japan

Wise mourner what is yuu seek?

“An unearthly wisdom in the silent breez’e”, replies he.

“Honey dew and some pleasantries”

Like a Melody that took from divinity

What could taht be?

O! milk of Paddy

A note on KURU

2012-04-12 23.44.000  

Sacred slides and college boats,

Winters chalice holds our home,

Song from midnights rest,

On sodden earth and bare chest.   On sacred dreams,

pointed ears Wizard on three-legged dust,

On hat and shoe,

Come home to honey dew.

Crocodile: I rest till I wake, get up to dream again

Hunter: song or seed?

Crocodile: knee high

Bird: a cuckoo seed

Crocodile: Nestle ice tea

Chipmunk: a song in a church?

Bird: Mary’s verse (Drums are heard in the background)

Bird: does fire speak to ice?

Hunter: I suppose you should eat some rice

Pigeon: a dance of love

Bird: an egg-horn shell

Pigeon: a spell, a spell


A needle in a pie

Pigeon: name your sky

Bird: sky leaf

Crocodile: a sky is a falling earth

Hunter: a philosopher

Bird: a venn diagram

Pigeon: a when was a diagram

Crocodile: a diagram that tells you when

Crow: what’s a diagram?

Bird: one gram for when you die

Crow: so when you die I get a gram?

Bird: he really shows you the art of being stupid

Crow: Stupid

Pigeon: what’s with the pid in the stew

Bird: it’s for the little boy who lives down the lane (Drums heard In the background)

Hunter: I once knew a man named pk

Bird: I didn’t know pee kay

Crow: only if there was dog who lived by the lane

Pigeon: but there was a boy who lived down the lane

Crocodile: whose the lane?

Hunter: the king of the jungle

Crocodile: is a lane?

Hunter: is a plane

Pigeon: you better be sorry for what you said A needle in the sky

Bird: Perfume

Crow: fume arihant

Crocodile: what’s that!

A bird?

Hunter: a bird that hunts?

Bird: It’s a ghost-line

Pigeon: For trains?

Bird: for birds

Pigeon: whose bird?

Hunter: the queen

Bird: a country

Crocodile: is land that belongs to the queen…

Pigeon: so?

Bird: what a parody

Crocodile: A tale of words

Crow: Eleven lines to draw a verse Hark! A tree

Tree: A bee

Bird: God’s glee He’s lazy

Tree: Hell bent on me

Crow: up for tea?

Pigeon: does he question me?

Tree: science is a verse

Crocodile: Hark a tree

Bird: Medical science

Crow: I’d like some tea

Pigeon: pot tea

Bird: divine glee

Crow: who speaks? Huh, sound

Bird: who sound?

Pigeon: a tale

Crow: biscuit

Bird: limp biscuit

Sound: a crow

Crow: she sells, sea shells

Bird: (before the crow can speak) on the sea shore

Crow: see-saw

Crocodile: shyam Whats a biscuit ?

Hunter: a tale

Crocodile: you mean a fairy one?

Hunter: a berry one

Crocodile: berry one

Bird: celestial mechanics

Pigeon: macintosh

Crow: un-garson Is a butterfly

Bird: I thought you meant garrison

Pigeon: what’s garrison?

Bird: a tongue twister

Crow: how many times do I twist my tongue?

Bird: twist your garrison

Pigeon: dumb twister

Bird: kiss me if I’m dumb

Crow: ill kiss you if you’re dumb

Pigeon: he’s really a comic relief

Crow: kiss me to tea

Bird: ruffel’s lays

Crocodile: I heard birds

Hunter: a crow

Chipmunk: (throws apple from tree)

Crocodile: black peas

Bird: I heard the Godavari          

  She spoke in a dream         

   Silent as the wind chime           

I heard her and cried  

Crow: thus she spake

Pigeon: pictures of me (& Flew to another tree)  

Crow: a river of dreams, is it?

Bird: a castle it be

Crow: the wind does hear you scream

Bird: a river castle it be,            

In the wind of dreams,            

Glowing like the ever-winding trees,          

  To greet thee…  

Crow: how far till I see?

Bird: chirping in the forest of dreams is a law

Crow: cacophony Bird: a dance through the rivers of time

Crow: an auburn ashtray

Bird: the sound of music

Crow: like water falling from the sky          

   How many times do I have to lie?           

  In through the skies of time             

A winter bird flies …

Bird: the timeless night grows ever so strong

Crow: a mare it be that made us wrong

Bird: the son shone bright, but the sky is dark

Crow: should I cry, should I cry?

Bird: let the wind sing its song, through ever-winding thought, through levels of sand, through the trees that sang, into the flowers of midnight the bloom without light

Crow: Happenstance

Bird: ice tea

Crow: soup (Owl’s hoot in the background)

Narrator: night dawns as day rises, the morning sky clears as an array of birds fly into the sky. The hunter in deep sleep arises to the sound of the cuckoo bird, a sight before him sends him into trance,

(Music begins to play, as the act commences)

tadonce (click to play song) 

we sing rag’s woven through time – Chakradhara  

CSC_0009   DSC_0027


Strange sounds and a forest nightingale, in a blurry sunrise across the western shore of


Lights that light the sky are not rare yet she cries and sings like spire harp at that sight.

She is aged yet knowledge eludes her, as time is still and the waining moon is by her breast.

my sight eludes her, but I know that the cry brings a misery for none to tell.

A storm in a tea cup?

Lalitha Dhalwani and the sheep

Once upon a time in a lonely village lived a woman named lalitha,

she cooked her rice in earthen pots and made sand castles in black mud,

very old and very young she was a lady of many lands, that inhabited the village

as a ghost of the future…

A weird, dark pygmy who cared for none and blessed all.

lalitha dhalwani

On a blue moon day in this village on the planet neptune, she came across a hoard of sheep

led by a kokopelli character like the pied piper of hamlet, who carried on his shoulder a parrot

(unfortunately I dont have a picture of the parrot, because he flying like a maniac),

So, as she was cooking her rice by the lake where lives the giant bear bhagiri, these sheep trampled all over her pots and the rice fell and was strewn all over the place. She was cooking biryani and had all the ingredients ready

to beput into one giant vessel that would cook this wonderful meal.sitaram

She cried and cried, because of which the kokopelli character came upto her and said dont worry lady well bring all the food back like it had never fallen over. He was kind and played a tune on his flute that brought all the food back just the way it was. They ate together as there was ample for both and from that day lived together in the village as a married couple , singing through the joyful extravagances of this earthly life.

moral – the law of karma can be as brutal, forgiving and magical as our presence in our celestial adobes.