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A raga of choice

Is whispered thrice.

Under the tree of truth

Colour of honey dew.

Different places of simple rhymes

Oh lord! Who is the king of time?

In the land of supreme bliss,

I shall seek you, in every whisper

Is the land of you,

God of our kind,

All the pleasentriees untwined

We sing ragas woven through time,

Joy and pride bent forwards

Is only you who know who.

Sequences solidify.

Time’s are allegories

Crabs and rabbits

Dressed in clothes,

Of dead habit

Telling chimes

In slimy times,

With Drumistiks,

And Quaker drones

She Whisks away a bridegroom

On a stormy night ,

One by one , they run

All in a trance, dance

Heavens lance.

Tis’ only you who know who.

Fill me with your presence divine

The truth of life

The vedic mime

All the lessons of life

I give to thee my pleasure

Intoxicated with thy divinity

It shall rise to the essence

Of true creativity.

The love of life,

Be by my side.

I hear you sing odd truths

In Heavens of time.

Shady Groove’S

Goofy they call rag kafi
Our scale of ancient times,
in a citadel grove it lay to rest
Wisdom of years ago. . .

Passers by watch that they two,
Sing along to my honey dew
At home they be silently at rest,
For a day to fly to wilburs nest.

Sing along honey birds
That and this keep us together,
Of days in tens,
Young &: small teepe tents.

A heart you are, of pleasenry
Small & tiny, yet large you be
At home you lay to rest, winters nest
For a divine breeze that bring.


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